Morroch Bay Exclusive | Pricing

Seasonal Tariffs for Morroch Bay Exclusive

Price Band 2018 2019
Band A £950* £1050*
Band B £1200* £1150*
Band C £1200* £1250*
Band D £1350* £1400*
Band E £1350* £1500*
Band F £1800* £2350*
Band G £1850* £N/A
Band H £2250* £N/A

*Please note, if you wish to book the bay exclusively, but only require one cottage, the above prices will be reduced by £100.

Pricing Rationalisation

Please also note that from January 2019 we are rationalising our pricing structure. As a result 2018/2019 prices are not directly comparable. Please check your chosen dates for a direct price comparison.