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Morroch Bay contains two isolated beach cottages - Morroch Cottage & the Southern Croft.

They both have electricity and phones. Mobile phones don't usually work. TV is from Northern Ireland. Water is pumped (automatically!) from a well.

There's no postal or bin service. However, both houses now have satellite broadband.

Access is not for the fainthearted - you can drive along a rough track through fields to the cliff-top parking area and proceed on foot down a steep cliff path, although this is not an easy walk.

The track has a hairpin bend on a 45 degree gradient, but is comfortably handled with the correct vehicle and careful driving. Particular care should be taken on this track.

If you are looking for isolation, but still want the home comforts Morroch Bay is ideal. Morroch Bay's cottages can be rented separately, or the bay can be rented in its entirety for that perfect family gathering.

  • 2 Cottages
  • Sleeps a total of 12
  • Access by 4x4 only
  • Satellite Broadband in both properties
  • Totally private & secluded

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